Posted by Sally Lowry on May 16, 2020



Dear Members,

The Scholarship Committee has just finished making their recommendations for scholarships recipients. CAL will be awarding $44,000 to 49 outstanding students.

Individual letters will now be written to all 79 applicants. Once they are notified we will inform you of their names.

This year was a different selection process. Four teams of two were given one-fourth of the applications. Each team selected their winners and because of the virus there was no interaction with the other teams.

It was sad to miss all the social aspects of serving on a committee. In spite of it, everyone did a great job. I want to thank our committee members:

Beth Drain
Cindy Vogel
Dottie Johnson
Eileen Simon
Joyce Price
Karen Wallis
Leilani Williams
Lin Otey

Sally Lowry
Scholarship Chair
(208) 946-1055