Posted by Cherie Warber on May 16, 2020


Dear Volunteers,

We are open! On Friday, at 10:00 a.m. (an hour early), Bizarre Bazaar reopened to cars lined up in the parking lot. Ladies told us how much they missed Bizarre Bazaar. Dixie’s garden center treasures flew out the door. Clothes, linens, household goods, books……everything was scooped up and placed in bags and boxes. We ended our first day with a whopping intake of $1,406. We are back in business and ready to restart our mission to help the Bonner County Community.

A big thank you to our reopening day crew – Terry Tindall, Mary Sturgis, Jan Baldensperger, drop-ins Helen Tapp, Linda Loftus and Robert Qualls and Dixie Stansell for coming in and replenishing the garden center.

It was a process to get there. So many thanks to a small group of wonderful volunteers who made it possible – Beth Drain, Sherry Ennis, Helen Tapp, Jan Baldensperger, Terry Tindall, Sherry Fulton, Barbara Eacret, Mary Sturgis, Karen Hempsted and department chairs Marilyn Haddad, Lori Neptune, Jamie Erdt, Sally Sonnichsen, Dixie Stansell and Robert Qualls. (If I left out your name, a thousand pardons. Weak dust-bunny imbued brain!) Without you, where would we have been? This group completely cleaned and turned the shop over so when we reopened, everything was clean, exciting and safe. There are not enough thanks in the world from Diane and I to express our gratitude.

Additionally, we would like to thank the gardening group who turned the front garden from derelict to beautiful one Saturday – Beth Drain, Lilly Mitsui, Carol Visger, Abby Ullman, Kim Miller and her daughter Kendall and Diane Arrants. Thank you too, Dottie Johnson, for taking care of the garden by the back door.

Diane and I out lined what precautions we are taking in the store and most of the changes that have been made as to floor layout. These will change with time (and experience in the new normal). Bear with us.

As we are being inundated with donations at this time, again we ask you leave those out-of-season things at home and whatever you do bring in, please make sure it is clean. We do not yet have enough volunteers to clean your items.

A fun note – starting next week we will begin providing opportunities for Sandpoint High School teens who are fulfilling their volunteerism requirements. The first young lady, Ellen Clark, will start next week. If you see one of these volunteers, welcome them! We are excited to help them achieve their goals.

Last, but not least, we look forward to seeing all of you at some point soon. We have missed your smiling faces and helping hands and we look forward to the day when every one of you feel safe in coming back to Bizarre Bazaar. For the time being, those of you who do feel safe, come on in and say hi. Don’t forget your mask and wash those hands!

Please take a few minutes to sign up for the rest of May. We need you!

May & June calendars are available online now!

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In great anticipation of seeing you once again,
Diane and Cherie