Posted by Cherie Warber on Jan 05, 2019

Happy 2019 Dear Volunteers,

With a brand-new year, many people think of fresh beginnings, resolutions to do better, and thoughts of aspiring to new heights. Considering what Bizarre Bazaar has done in the last year, the concepts of “new”, “fresh”, “better” and “new heights” are somewhat daunting. Can we exceed 2018 with record breaking donations, sales and foot traffic in 2019? WE can! You amazing volunteers made us do incredible things and together we are going to be even better this year! The Community Assistance League is 40 years young this year and we are going to show the Bonner County Community that there’s still a lot of life in these wonderful CAL gals.

On the two days I was in Bizarre Bazaar this week, there were more volunteers on hand than I have seen in quite a while. The energy was incredible! Everyone was scurrying around, there was lots of laughter and visiting and things getting done. I came home tired but uplifted by the positive vibes of being around so many upbeat people. Our customers pick up on this aura and leave, not only with a lot of purchases, but with the warm feeling that this is the place to be. Thank you to all of you incredible volunteers who make this happen.

Now, on to a little housekeeping:

Please, please be careful in the public parking lot! No one seems to maintain this in the winter other than a quick plow, so there is treacherous ice. The area around our store is in good shape, but use caution, as always, walking in the winter. We do have snow melt and gravel for traction, if needed, for the back entrance and the front walk….and, if anybody asks, the snow shovels are NOT for sale! The new super-duper one purchased last year has disappeared, presumably sold.

We are getting down to the last winter clothes in back stock. Even though the racks may be thin, please do not put out spring or summer things. Remember the season! Customers who shop resale stores generally only buy clothes in season, so the risk of some lovely summery item going to sale, then out the back door, is high.

Besides wintery clothes, we are in serious need of household goods! The back shelves are bare. January is a great time to clean out those unused items you have been hanging onto and bring them in.

Loretta McPherson has a special request – our button selection is getting low and she would love any unused buttons you have hanging around. She does a lot of our mending and sometimes needs to replace all the buttons on an item.

Robert Qualls (known as the “Auction Man”), along with Sue Volgelsinger, takes care of the incredible number of books and audio/visual items we receive. Robert has been keeping a notebook of how many books we sell, but this notebook has disappeared. If you happen to see it, please return to the back-room book section.

The Team Leader meeting is coming up next month (date and time will be announced soon). This is a lively discussion group of team leaders and department chairs that help identify and solve problems that may arise. Anyone interested in becoming a team leader is also invited to participate.

On-line signups are going well – and remember, if you are experiencing a learning curve with it, please contact Diane Arrants or Marnie Easly (volunteer coordinator), for assistance.  We all make New Years resolutions, so why not make one of yours to sign up for at least one more shift a month! Go here to:
 Signup Online, for January, February and March.

Diane and I are excited about this coming year, the 40th anniversary for Community Assistance League. With your help, 2019 will be another “banner” year for Bizarre Bazaar. Thank you for volunteering! We look forward to seeing you at Bizarre Bazaar!

Wishing you and your families a Happy Healthy New Year!

In appreciation for all you do,
Diane and Cherie