Posted by Cherie Warber on Mar 20, 2021



Dear Volunteers,



Happy Easter and Happy Spring! Bizarre Bazaar looks stunning all dressed up in its colorful finery. There are beautiful flower arrangements, curtesy of Barbara Eacret and Barda Cameron, a delightful upper story arrangement by Sam Shields (and her husband, Kevin) and a stunning front window that Linda Zinn created. Thanks also to those who decorated throughout the store with all the fun and lovely Easter ornaments. Our customers are enjoying it and looking forward to the end of winter. The comments are fabulous. Thank you one and all!
Please note, wonderful volunteers, that your work is appreciated and noticed by all who come into Bizarre Bazaar. As mentioned above, the comments from customers are very positive. They range from how organized the store looks, how artistic the displays are, how the quality of goods outstrip other “thrift stores” and most wonderful are the comments about how friendly YOU, the volunteers are. Job well done!

A reminder on what we are putting out and what we are storing:
ALL winter clothing is to be stored. Fold all heavy or wool sweaters, skiwear and cotton turtlenecks. Coats and heavy jackets are hung. Heavy pants, leggings and corduroys will be stored.
We are putting out Early Spring wear. Please leave crops, shorts, tanks, short sleeve Tee’s and button downs, and linen anything in the back.
Another reminder is, as Diane always says, “Work smart, not hard”. 
  • We have tried to mark tubs, racks and shelves with tags to make it easier for you to find things and discover where items go.
  • When you stuff something in an odd place you are creating work for someone else, or the item gets missed and not put on the floor.
  • Please, read the tags! I recently sorted (considered a re-sort) a box marked “Women’s Short Sleeve Tees” and found leggings, scarves and a two-piece silk outfit (and just a few Tees).
  • Smart! Not Hard!
Pretty soon we will be getting into Garage/Yard sale mode with a ton of donations coming in. Gear up Sorters! We will need your help!
With the weather getting nicer and with people getting vaccinated, we hope more of you will feel comfortable in volunteering. We need your help. The winter doldrums are coming to an end and this is the time of year shop traffic starts to pick up. We need at least three people a day to operate efficiently. Your Team Leaders need YOU to volunteer and come keep them company. There are several Team Leaders who work multiple shifts and they want to see YOU. You can sign up online, in-store or by contacting Marnie Easly or a Team Leader.
And don't forget to volunteer! We are getting closer to April and we have a lot of open shifts for volunteers.

March, April & May Volunteer calendars are available online now!

Online sign up <<<<
And let us leave you with this thought: January and February are always slow months, and we had some slow days. However, even with being open two hours less a day, we outgrossed January and February of 2020. Amazing job, volunteers! Thank you! The Grants and the Scholarships committees thank you and, of course, Diane and I thank you for your dedication.
In great appreciation for you and for all you do!
Diane and Cherie