Posted on Jun 18, 2022


Dear Members,
The June 20th Community Assistance League (CAL) meeting that is this year’s “Celebration of Giving” is especially appropriate.
Being on the Board during this time was like being on a rocking boat in a hurricane, we were dealing new instabilities every month. I want to thank those on the Board for sticking with it, making things happen while things were changing, talking through the tough decisions, and keeping Community Assistance League on track with its mission.
★ Thank you Beth Drain! As Vice President you were my sounding board, the voice of reason and the one who was always there when I need to be talked off the edge.
★ Thank you Joyce Price! Your calmness was therapeutic. You were the stabilizer. Also, great job with taking the PowerPoint presentations up a notch.
★ Thank you Linda Gibbs! As treasurer you were consistent and diligent in keeping the books accurate and on schedule. I am so proud of how you have successfully navigated your learning curve regarding technology.
★ Thank you Diane Arrants! for sticking with us to the end. We miss you.
★ Thank you Cherie Warber! for picking up the pieces with such grace and energy. You are my favorite superhero.
★ Thank you Donna Hutter! for your flexibility rescheduling, then rescheduling again, the speakers with the constant changes with meeting dates, venues, and times. Thank you also for bringing consistency to Bizarre Bazaar, chasing all the leaks, and taking care of the small stuff.
★ Thank you Bobbie Franklin! for stepping up on behalf of Bizarre Bazaar. You are a brave woman.
★ Thank you Stephanie Novotny! for staying with Membership. Your efforts, organization and attention to details is much appreciated.
★ Thank you Carol Visger! You have raised the bar in terms of publicity for CAL.
★ Thank you Sherry Fulton! I appreciate your questions that deserved answers. You showed us how to look at things in different ways.
★ Thank you Heather Hellier! I have been watching with awe you taking  the Scholarship Program and making it your own. Good job!
★ Thank you Jan Harrison! I appreciate your energy and creativity. You followed Tracy/Bobbie’s Grants template perfectly.
★ Thank you Maxine Haun! for always being there even though I was never sure where you actually were located.
★ Thank you Linda Zinn! for your flexibility in planning social events that were on again/off again.
★★★ A special thank you to Karen Hanna! Though not on the Board, you had to keep up with us in order to keep the website accurate as the Board kept changing events, dates, times, etc.
Please join us for the last General Meeting of this fiscal year:
Location: University of Idaho Agricultural Center
Date: Monday, June 20
Time: 9:00 a.m. –11:30 a.m.
Toni Sommer