Posted by Sherry Ennis on May 16, 2020



Dear Members,

Bizarre Bazaar is back in business! Our store opened with a bang, making over $1,400 on its first day back! Our WONDERFUL store managers, Diane and Cherie, along with many others who have dropped in, have worked hard over the last two weeks to change out the merchandise, deep clean the store, and give everything a bright spring look. A round of applause to you! The Board has met and approved the re-opening standards, and we welcome you all back.


I spent yesterday at the Bizarre Bazaar sales counter and was cheered by the many happy customers, mostly our “old” friends. Everyone was doing a lot of talking. It was as if they had all emerged, like butterflies, from their cocoons. There was the woman from Post Falls, who had been suffering from “shopping withdrawal” and left with over $120.00 worth of treasures. There was the couple from out-of-state that repeatedly exclaimed over what a great store we have; he left a happy man with two martini glasses exhumed from the storage room. There was the darling young woman with the cute figure and tassels on her mask, who left wearing a great pair of pants and a yellow blazer, carrying a huge orange flower pot and absolutely delighted with her many purchases. There was the woman from San Diego, who had, with her family, come to their summer home to sit out the shut down; she was greatly impressed by our shop and organization. There were the many, many people who just said, “I’m so happy you are open again!” There was the masked man (one of many), who thanked us for our health measures and promised to return next week. Garden items flew off the shelves, and the hanger rack behind the counter gradually filled. It was a day filled with contented people. In the end, I was tired and more than happy to take off that mask! Wearing that mask is a small thing to do in these times, and it made me appreciate even more the sacrifice of our public health and service workers throughout this extraordinary period of time.

As I am sure you have guessed, we will not be holding a general meeting in May, and June is still very questionable. The Board did meet last week via Zoom, and you will find committee reports in the Bulletin. Who ever would have thought back in February that we would be having meetings, cocktail parties and coffee klatches via something called Zoom? Most of us thought of Zoom as a word used to indicate speed, or, in my case, the hot cereal that my grandmother always gave me. On that note, I wish you all happy gardening, a Zoom gathering or two, and a walk in the woods. Stay healthy!

Our lives, like the store, seem to have been put on hiatus. In this extraordinary time, we are all being forced to slow down, turn inward, and perhaps take stock of our lives, our families, our priorities. We will probably emerge with our homes sparkling, cupboards purged, drawers organized, long overlooked projects completed, cooking skills honed and ever so much smarter after reading those books we have set aside for years. If you run out of all of the above or just plain don’t want to do them, our hospitals could use your help in making masks. See below. While we are all cocooning, don’t forget to get outdoors and enjoy our bit of paradise as spring creeps in. And, finally, let us not forget our friends, who may also be feeling isolated - send a note, write an email or, best of all, call. Stay healthy!

Sherry Ennis