Posted by Sherry Ennis on Nov 09, 2019


Dear Members,

Last summer I received a letter from a friend in Portland; she had come across an email I had sent her in 2007, which she had saved because she thought it was “hilarious”. And, because I can’t think of anything else to write today, I’m going to tell you that story. You can read it if you are so inclined.

“We’re back. The packing trip was a mixed bag. Do you really want the gory details? It took us four hours 🕓 instead of two 🕑 to get to the trailhead, so it was a HOT ☀️ three miles to the camp. The lake was beautiful, but the insects 🦟 (you name ‘em) were awful. We had a tremendous thunder/lightning ⛈⚡️and rain storm 🌧  the first night, but we were cozy and dry🏕. Flint [the dog] 🐕 was even sleeping IN THE TENT 🏕 with us. (His dream has finally come true!). It was awfully noisy 📣 [Flint was a notorious snorer 😴]. The next day was lovely because the wind 💨 blew the bugs 🦟 away. We moved on the third day to a very disappointing lake, even more insects 🐜🦟. The hike 🥾was great, though, about six miles, along a divide. Because of the bugs 🦟, we decided to go out the next day.The trip out was going pretty well (miles and miles of it) until we hit a big log over the trail. It was straight up and down above and below, and we got ourselves and the llamas 🦙🦙into some real trouble. Bandito🦙freaked out and wouldn’t move. I fell down the hillside. Chris stood on a wasp nest and got stung five times 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝, and then we had to bushwhack through a field of Devil’s Club. After that things got better except that we just kept hiking 🥾and hiking 🥾, and it was one of those trails that felt the need 🧗🏻‍♂️🧗🏻‍♀️to go up just so you could feel good going down. Near the end, Bandito🦙threw himself on the ground three times. We did make it out with the sole of one of Chris’ boots 🥾flapping in the breeze at the end. We shorted out the taillights 🔦on the trailer and truck 🚙 just before we drove off. In the process of fixing that, I just happened to notice that we had a flat tire. We made it to Libby at about 10 p.m. 🕙, and it was still 70 degrees🌡. We were hungry 🍽 and nothing 🚫 was open. We got home at 11 p.m. 🕚 and fell into bed 🛌 filthy and exhausted. The next morning, we had no water🚰 and won’t for three days. We’ve been hauling it from the neighbor’s and showering 🚿 at the athletic club. It’s 95 degrees🔥. I have to say that I still love being in the mountains 🏞 and doing the wilderness camping 🏕 bit. I loved ❤️ that, but it is getting harder. The llamas🦙🦙are in bad shape, and we’re not 🚫 so hot 🥵 ourselves. I think we learned a little about everyone getting older and more out of condition.”

Our store will be transformed into a Christmas wonderland tomorrow. Customers have been coming in and asking when Christmas will arrive at Bizarre Bazaar. On Friday, November 15, just after the store closure, the Family and Friends party will take place. Please come, see your friends, enjoy a drink, tasty appetizers and a little shopping. 

And while we’re talking about socializing, I’d like to encourage you to sign up for a CAL Mixer. Here is your opportunity to meet with members in a small group, and you never know what you might learn. Did you know that our CAL Secretary, Beth Drain, is quite the expert on chickens? 🐓

Sherry Ennis