Posted by Sherry Ennis on Mar 09, 2019

Dear Members,
Recently, as I was snowshoeing around the circuit I’ve made in my back woods, my dog Cooper, bounding along in front of me, I thought about how much I like seasons the seasons here. I grew up west of Spokane where we had four seasons. Later I ended up in Central America where we had two seasons, the rainy season and the non-rainy season. (Boring.) And after that, I spent twenty years in Portland, Oregon, where we had the lawn mowing season and the non-lawn mowing season. (Not good.) So you say "big deal". You mowed a few months and then you didn’t. No, I mowed ten months out of the year. (Somehow I ended up being the principal mower of lawns in my marriage, and we had a BIG lawn.)

Every year as I mowed just before Thanksgiving, I would grumble, “At least, in Spokane, it might have snowed by now.” By December I was moaning. Think how I felt in late February when it all started again. The outdoor yard work almost never stopped. Pruning anyone? Just a little snow, please! Now, I have snow season. Admittedly, I groused about all the snow blowing during those weeks in February, but it was (and still is) beautiful. I can sit back and happily anticipate the gardening and mowing to come, and realize that the seasons are something I have absolutely no control over. Yes, I like the seasons here.

CAL and Bazaar Bizarre keep humming along no matter the season. Even with the snow and cold in February and the store closed three days, we did well. Preparations for our 40th Anniversary celebration, which will be held at our first general meeting in September, are moving along. Grant and Scholarship applications are available to the public. Julia and her team are putting together a lovely Kentucky Derby luncheon; start looking for those hats! The Team Leader meeting organized by Diane and Cheri was informative and productive. I have to say again, that CAL is lucky to have such a wonderful Board and volunteers; you are dedicated, hard-working and always ready with ideas and solutions. Thank you and Cheers!

Your help is needed at Bizarre Bazaar. Please add a shift to your working schedule here: Link to Calendar.

And finally, we lost one of our wonderful members last month - too young. She had a long fight with cancer and lost the battle. She will be missed by many in CAL. CAL will donate $50 to our foundation in her name. The link to the obituary and guestbook where you can leave your thoughts, is located here: Coffelt Funeral Home.

Sherry Ennis