Posted by Linda Zinn on May 05, 2018


Hi Cal Members,

This weekend many of you found Cinco de Mayo a reason to have a Mexican dinner; we did the same thing at my house. While you enjoyed Cinco de Mayo, I hope you thought of Tina Reynolds and her committee. And on this subject, many thanks to Tina and her committee for such a lovely and delicious Spring Luncheon. The proceeds from the auction baskets will be going to the Community Cancer Services and the amount will be revealed at our meeting this month.

As you know we have some wonderful husbands and family members who help us during the year with CAL projects. We have book keepers, electricians, contractors, handymen, etc. The board discussed a way for our volunteers to be recognized when they are at BB. If you want your special person to have a badge, please contact Robbie Gleason (you may order a badge for the nominal fee of $5.00).

Our next general meeting will be held on May 16. During this meeting our grant recipients will receive their recognition and checks for their projects. This year forty-seven grantees were selected for a grant by the committee. Our members work very hard during the year. This is the meeting where you get to see the happy and appreciative charitable organizations in our community. Please don't miss this giving time.

The East Bonner County Library District sent us a thank you letter for our basket donation. Our Puppy Love basket was greatly appreciated. The evening netted $20,000.

CAL is a wonderful group of individuals who enjoy working for a cause. We give our time and talents in order to give back to this beautiful community we call home. If you have not committed three hours a month to work at BB, you are missing the reason CAL was started years ago. PLEASE give a little of your time. With 250 members, three hours from each of us, will become a total of 750 store hours worked. I challenge each of you to make this a reality. If you are not able to work in the store for health reasons, think about joining a committee or an open position on the board. It's fun!

A huge hug to each of you. See  you soon.

Linda Zinn