Posted by Cherie Warber on Nov 09, 2019

Dear Volunteers,

Happy Elf Day! Tomorrow, Sunday 10th, is the big (and we mean BIG) annual Christmas decorating party at Bizarre Bazaar. Rose Chaney, Judy Dabrowski and their dedicated little elves have toiled ceaselessly to prepare all the delightful and beautiful ornaments and decorations just so you can let your imaginations run wild. Create beautiful things! And most of all, have a lot of fun with your friends.

Come and help us turn it into a Winter Wonderland!!

Our loyal customers look forward to Bizarre Bazaar opening the next morning to enjoy both the magical transformation and the magical bargains.

The following Friday, November 15th, is the “After Hours” party at Bizarre Bazaar, starting at 4:05 p.m. This is our big thank you to our volunteers (and their guests) for their dedication to Bizarre Bazaar. It will also be a fabulous chance to have a preview of our stunning holiday clothing collection! As there are no pre-sales, this will be an equal opportunity for all of you to shop for that special outfit for Christmas or New Year’s.

A favor to ask of those working on Friday – it would be greatly appreciated if you could do your best to keep the shop as neat and tidy as possible (and this does include the sorting area and the clubhouse area) for the after hours “do”. Thank you so much in advance!

We are still seeing some summer clothing slipping through and out on the floor. Remember the season! Let’s keep those summer things in the back.

Special requests from Betsy Harding (linens) and Robert Qualls (auction man): Please do not pile art work in front of the backroom storage for linens. It is difficult for the shelves to be accessed. And as long as Robert’s legs are, it is really a “stretch” for him to access his room when items are piled up in front of the door. Leave him a little path!

The last few weeks have been amazing at Bizarre Bazaar. October was another record breaking month and it was due to your sharing of time and your work. Thank you so much for spreading the magic around! CAL would not be able to achieve what it does without YOU.

Important Notice!
Bizarre Bazaar will be closed Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

And don’t forget to sign up for a shift!
November, December & January calendars are available online now!

>>>> Online sign up <<<<

Please help the team on the 11th as it will be a busy day. As usual, you can sign up on-line, by putting your name on the calendar at the shop or by contacting one of the team leaders: Nancy Molnar @ 716-945-4535 in the morning or Beth Drain @ 208-920-3543 in the afternoon. Volunteer Coordinator Marnie Easley will also be glad to assist!

In appreciation for all you do!

Diane and Cherie