Posted by Cherie Warber on Jan 06, 2018




Dear Volunteers,

The holidays are past, and a new year is upon us. It’s hard to believe it’s already 2018!

The combined holiday season was incredible at Bizarre Bazaar. November was our best month ever, with December a close second. Thanks to all of you who helped make these months so successful! Your combined hard work kept the donations processed and out on the floor and your bright spirits engaged our customers and helped make their shopping experiences delightful.

You have been so patient with us on holding back your personal donations. Things are enough under control now if you wish to clean out and share with us. We are in particular need of winter wear (except heavy coats and ski wear) and household goods. Your spring and summer things are also welcome.

On that note, all spring and summer items can be hung except for shorts and crops. No more trying to figure out which bin to stuff something in! One caveat though…..even though most of us are already tired of the snow and cold, we are not yet putting out spring and summer things. Please be mindful of what goes out on the floor. If a customer is lucky enough to be heading off for some lovely warm climate, you can always find summery things in the back for them to look at.

Typical of this time of year, our winter back stock is dwindling down. The racks may look a little empty at times, but please do not raid the last of the winter things in the back room. They have been counted out for the remaining weeks, so we always have something new to put out. Let’s hope we continue to get donations! We generally stop putting out heavy winter gear by the end of January.

It is exciting to see so many new faces in our volunteer ranks! For your benefit and for any one who is interested, we will be having a mini training class on Tuesday, January 16, 9:00 a.m. It is our aim to help you feel more comfortable and knowledgeable during your BB shifts.

Careful, careful, careful, pricers. Price tags are getting a little weird again. Please write on the top half of the tag only and please put a $ sign in front of the price. An 8 and a 6 versus an 8 and $6.00 is a bit confusing. And please don't use the red pens….red is for mark-downs only.

Additionally, our semi-annual Team Leader meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 22, 9.30 a.m. at Bizarre Bazaar. If you are a team leader, interested in becoming a team leader or a back-up team leader, please save this date. (And don’t forget, there will be a light lunch following and everyone loves a free lunch!!!)

January and February are our slow months both in donations and traffic, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see your smiling faces. We encourage you to sign up or just stop by for awhile and join in the magic that is Bizarre Bazaar.

Happy 2018 to all!   And please drive carefully during these icy months!

In appreciation for all you do,
Diane and Cherie